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Looking for a new home? Think about these factors

These are the basic criteria you should be looking for while searching for a home. Now, it could be your first home or your second home or you’re just looking for an investment opportunity in real estate; but the basics remain the same.

Here are a few things to look out for when you’re looking at residential property:
  • The Location : 
    As they say, in real estate, its location, location and location! Where your home is located is of utmost importance because everyone wants to save time spent travelling. So, your office or workspace needs to be closer; schools need to be closer to the home; hospitals should be reachable in the shortest time for when your family is in emergency need and of course, you need to have your groceries and supermarkets to be at a walking distance. Apart from that, necessary government offices, entertainment avenues, shopping centers, etc. are the secondary and tertiary priorities that you need to be close to your home.

  • The Locality :
    Your home is where you spend the most amount of your time apart from work; but for your family, your children, your parents, it could be where they spend almost all their time. So, you should be looking for a locality that suits your lifestyle. The locality should support your hobbies, enable you to engage in social activities that you and your  family like and help in providing the enriching environment your children need.

Love your locality, it's worth it - The Economic Times

  • The Home itself :
    In the end, you have to live in your home, so the size of the home shall be your consideration. How many people there are in your family? How much space do you require? Once you know that, you can move on to what are the specifications you are looking for? Are you looking for something that is extravagant and luxurious or something cozy with all the necessities of your daily life would suffice? What are the amenities you’re looking for? Do you want a gym in the premises; or a garden; or a game room; or children’s play area; or everyone’s favourite, a walking track? These are the considerations you’ll have to look out for.

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  • The Budget :
    This is what it all come down to when you are buying any property for most of us. The Budget. How much have you saved?; how much of it can you spend on the home?; and how much loan can you get based on your and your spouse’s total income? Even then, are you able to sustain your lifestyle with the EMIs that you’re going to pay for the foreseeable future, is the BIG question that you have to face while making this all important decision of buying your own home.

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  • Reliability of the Developer :
    While you are considering all of these important factors, there comes the most valuable concern, can you trust your developer to deliver a quality home on time? This can be found out by looking at their track record of previous projects, testimonials of their previous buyers and the reputation the developer has built over the years they have been operating in the region.

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There are many other factors that come into play. What are the costs of buying? When will I get the property in my possession? What will be the maintenance cost? We can help you with everything at Marc Construction.



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